Setouchi Marine Hotel

Using the concept of "The Greater the Visits the Greater the Comfort" our hotel offers a premium time in
which you can feel as comfortable as if you were at home every time you visit it.



Setouchi International Art Festival

From ancient times through to the present the Seto Inland Sea has played an important role as a main artery of the transportation system. And while new cultures and new lifestyles have been brought to the regions surrounding the Seto Inland Sea the traditional customs, along with as beautiful scenery, remain very much still alive. The "Setouchi International Art Festival " that will be taking place within the region will showcase modern artwork in a combination of the soothing landscapes of the Seto Inland Sea, and the island’s culture and lifestyle which originated in those landscapes.

Diamond Setouchi Marine Hotel supports access to Naoshima, the venue of Setouchi International Art Festival.

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