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Privacy Policy

The Diamond Setouchi Marine Hotel (hereinafter referred to as the Hotel) hereby states its Privacy Policy with protecting the personal information of guests from being leaked, misused, altered or otherwise, ensuring appropriate measures are taken to manage it, and thus supporting the peace of mind of all guests.

Koichirou Tomi, General Manager
Diamond Setouchi Marine Hotel


The Hotel shall manage personal information held by it in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations and any other procedures.

Purpose of Use of Personal Information

The Hotel shall notify or indicate to its guests the purpose of use of any personal information, and use it to the extent necessary to achieve that purpose and for no other without prior consent.

Disclosure to Third Parties

The Hotel shall not disclose any personal information provided by guests to any third party except on the event of:

  • Having obtained consent from the relevant guest;
  • Being required to disclose it by law and regulation; or
  • Being required to disclose it for the purpose of protecting the safety, property, rights, or any other interest of a guest or third party, or its own property, rights, or interest.

Safety Measures

The Hotel shall manage all personal information collected from guests in an appropriately stringent manner, and ensure safety measures are taken in preventing any unauthorized access, loss, disruption, alteration or leak of any personal information.

Supervision of Contractors

If the Hotel contracts any managerial tasks regarding personal information externally it will oblige them to handle it in the same appropriate manner as above.

Supervision of Contractors

The Hotel shall establish a compliance program to protect personal information and strive to constantly improve its handling and protection levels.

Personal Information Contact

Please refer to the following contact for further information on personal information if you wish to make an enquiry, complaint, correction or deletion:

Information Center: TEL.(81)863-81-2111

Date of establishment: April 1, 2009
TEL.+81-863-81-2111 FAX.+81-863-81-2110